Mighty Headlight Cleanser

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Give Your Headlights Long Lasting Protection!

Car headlights can becomehazy and foggy over time.They turn yellowish and look like they’re covered in mist.In this condition. your headlights can cause huge safety issuesthat may even lead to an accident.Resolved it quickly before it affects your visibility at nightand causes you into accidents. Here is the best solution.get expert care from the Mighty Headlight Cleanser! The Mighty Headlight Polish isanadvanced cleaning solution that isspecially formulated for the headlight. It has asuperhydrophobic glass coatingthatacts as abarrier coatingover thesurface of the headlight. Iteffectively removes haze andcorrosion from the lenses.It can protect your car from aging. fading. weather. for. sunlight erosion. acid rain. industry powder. and pollution. Itrestores thelight output and light beam.Itprotects your car from scratches.


  • Easy Application:Fast and easy to use. it works perfectly on car lights renovation. and new car lights protection.
  • Optical Grade Clarity:A durable sealant that virtually disappears into the surface. delivering long-lasting superior optical clarity and a high shiny slick finish.
  • Protects Headlight:Allows you to clean and protect your headlight against sun staining and water spots. repair scratches. anti-static.anti-acid rain. glazing. anti-ultraviolet. anti-wear. anti-high temperature. and anti-oxidation. keeping your car away from yellowing. blur. oxidation. and scratches.
  • High-Quality & Lasting Effect:After use. the headlights of the car maintain a long-lasting high shiny slick finish.
  • Safe and Reliable:Environmental friendly and pollution-free. it’s quite easy to operate.


  • Material: Resins. Solvents. Additives
  • Capacity:30ml


  • 1 xMighty Headlight Cleanser


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