Hawk Heavy Duty Tactical Leg Holster (right Hand)

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Secure Your Weapon With The Most Widely Used Leg Holster!

Used By The Military. Law Enforcement. and Agencies All Over The World – The Leg Holster Is a Tried-and-True Method To Carry Your Weapon. Crawl. Run. Jump and Move Freely Without Worrying About Weapons Dropping. While Also Having Quick Access To Them!


  • EASY TO USE- It can easily be connected to your waist belt and attached to your thigh. so adjusting the holster for your specific gun size and then putting it on takes literally just a few minutes!
  • SECURE IN AN ACTIVE SITUATION- The retention system along with an additional velcro strap ensure maximum security even during the most demanding missions. Whether you walk. sprint. crawl. or jump – you can rest assured that your gun will always stay locked in place!
  • QUICK RELEASE MECHANISM- The Hawk holster releases and allows for access to your gear with just a double finger motion! It’s the best way to have instant access to your weapon. but also having it secure to your leg and stable while on the move.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE-No measurements and no sizing required! The leg strap is fully adjustable and fits everyone.
  • UNIVERSAL FITThe Hawk Leg Holster is perfect for all handgun sizes including compact. medium. and large. It also comes with a built-in front pouch – perfect for ammo or other accessory storage! The bottom is open to allow for the holstering of guns with silencers. lasers. or similar items attached.


  • Material: Nylon


  • 1 xHawk Heavy Duty Tactical Leg Holster (Right Hand)


Black, Camouflage, Khaki, Army green

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